Graphic Design

Graphic Design or UI / UX Design is something that you either can do or can’t. It requires some talent. Sure you can learn the software and sure you can learnt the best industry practices and become one of many! ….but heres the thing!! …it won’t be special wont contain the love and passion that only a true Graphic Designer will understand. We don’t just design graphics – we make images dance together and colours pop and explode to highlight your products and services – the way they should be! 

Product Images
Brochure Design
Logo Design
Album covers
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Product Packaging
Advertising Design

Website Training

Have you an existing wordpress website and want to update yourself (or even a member of your team) …well in just one hour you can learn the basics that will enable you to add photos, change text and even add video if so desired! 

Training hour is free with every new website delivery

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World Class Web Design

Built In

Easily identify areas of your business to improve. Using the data you can adjust your website and business to better refect the demand shown on your easily accessible wordpress dashboard. 

Easy to use Editor

Want to manage your own website – weather its you or us doing the updates you can be assured of its ease. We use a very simply editor that allows a user to log in and simply click on any region to make changes. Its that simple!

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