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CD Artwork

Album Artwork and CD cover design impacts on the available audience for your music. By reflecting your music with appropriate and imaginative imagery we will ensure that your album artwork appeals to your target market. We can look after all aspects of your artwork – from concept to final product.


We know that anyone can press a button on their camera (or phone!) and say they have taken a great snap! …but to truly imagine the possibilities of the image in post production (photoshop) ..and to know that the photo will become something very special – that takes ART! …luckily we are not short on ART!

CD Cover Printing

We have enlisted some of the very best CD Cover printers who are familiar with the pressures of high volume prints. We don’t print – but as part of our service we will manage the process all the way to delivery for our clients.

Drawing and Painting

Did we mention that we love ART!? …well we can also introduce hand drawn visuals or work with a combination of raw art materials and digital tools to create something amazing. Come and talk to us today.
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We love Music! It doesn't matter if you are a budding rockstar or a seasoned performer - we will take the inspiration behind your music and bring it to life with imagery

Talk to us today about your album, single, DVD or digital download – we can provide some insight on what your sounds might look like.

We have completed projects for UK and Ireland act Alan Fullard and also Cork’s own Gaelic Brew – along with artwork for Rosetta Records and some other names accross the Irish music Industry.

We love this kind of work – so send us an email or pick up your phone …we are waiting to talk to you!

Client: Rosetta Records

Category: Product Design

Date: June 2016


 Affordable design for your music project.

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