Are you looking for a unique, fast mobile optimised website ? Today’s fast paced online marketplace requires so much more to stand out from the crowd than just a templated pe-built website with with some generic graphics from any of the popular online resources. The days of business directories are gone, and now your potential customers want to be able to use their mobile device to buy products, reserve rooms and book salons, therapists, golf rounds and appliance repairs! With over 15 years in marketing, web development and computer training and graphic design, we have the knowledge to provide your business with a platform for  online success.  We believe that your success online is our success as a business.

Tools we use

While it is getting easier for people to make their own logo’s and layouts with online tools such as Canva and Wix. The shortfall often comes with design knowledge – knowing how to compliment colours / knowing how place an image with text / Knowing what fonts will work!. These are the critical components that template companies don’t tend to mention in their advertising! We use Professional Adobe software to Graphic Design every site we build…not relying on some pre-built template for inspiration. This takes us longer, but ensures that you, our clients gets something unique and well planned every time.

Website Training

Sometimes it is difficult for business owners to make the move to online, when the previous years have been mostly selling in their own physical premises. A combination of a short training program and a well developed training guide helps our clients to onboard and start developing their online opportunities. Our training guides are tailored to each client and training can be done with a team or a single member of staff. We are always on hand to support your business- so if you would like to learn more about WordPress or WooCommerce use the link below to begin. You don’t have to be a Vine Marketing client to book a training session. Please contact us today to discuss requirements.

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