A logo is perhaps one of the most important visual aspects of any marketing for a business. It needs to be recognisable and unique. It needs to be attractive and interesting. It needs to work across a variety colour schemes so that for example you can print it on white paper or even have it feature on an awards website which happens to have a black background! We are guided by insights, empowered by technology, and passionate about creating branding people love.

Branding Solutions

Most of the companies we work with are recurring clients. Sometimes they have a new product or service that needs it's own identity

Branding Case Study

Fibre Broadband Identity & logo

Engaged by a local company to develop a brand that could serve a nationwide strategy to deliver Fibre Broadband and Wireless Broadband across the country.

The brief was to develop/design the company name and insignia familiar and yet fresh and clean.

Branding Case Study

Local Education Body

Mullingar CTC was trading at as Mullingar Training and Development Agency. before we came to discuss the future of the centre. Most Centres around the country are now designated CTC. We developed the brand to fit with other bodies in the state training sector.

A fresh approach to colour and a modernisation of the centre stemmed from the consultations around the brand. The cntre concentrates on the development of young people starting out their careers. Each colour in the “wheel” is designated to a specific training program.

previous branding and name